Ready to take on all of today’s challenges

Greater productivity; stringent deadlines; fast-track solutions; delivering more with less; or a shortfall in engineering and coatings expertise?

For almost one hundred fifty years, Sherwin-Williams’ teams have been working side-by-side with our customers; understanding their needs, sharing the challenges and delivering the best possible products and solutions they need for the job in hand. Literally, at Sherwin-Williams it’s about rolling up our sleeves because sometimes that’s what it takes to be a great partner.

Sherwin-Williams’ product and service innovations are designed with a strong understanding and experience of the unique and harsh environments facing each market segment. Every year, we develop new technologies that are more durable, cost effective, reliable and more environmentally friendly; plus, we spend over 83,000 hours each year on product performance testing. 

As the technology leader, we’re continuously introducing new solutions to best meet the changing needs of our customers; and while we take pride in our leadership, we are equally proud of our customers who include many of the world’s leading and most innovative companies. At Sherwin-Williams we strive to stay at the top of our game and make sure our customers do the same.

Sherwin-Williams’ market-centric approach is unique. Teams are industry focused so we can provide our customers with the highest level of expertise.