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At Sherwin-Williams it is our business to protect your assets; from the deepest ocean to the harshest mining locations. We literally have products from Acrylics to Zincs that will meet every need and all supported by the know-how and professional expertise that is second to none in the market.

We take the guesswork out of coating systems, so whatever your substrate, exposure conditions, downtime tolerance and regulatory needs, we will help you find the exact fit.

Our innovations include:

  • Fast return to service technologies
  • Self-inspecting technologies that enable you to indentify the smallest imperfections
  • Edge retentive coatings that deter premature corrosion
  • Moisture tolerant coatings
  • Environmentally responsible products


Sustainable Products

Sherwin-Williams was among the first in the coatings business to invest in the research and development of sustainable products and today we offer the industry’s most comprehensive line of low-VOC coatings. Sustainability is a shared responsibility and we help ensure that all our customers support a global agenda to protect our environment through delivering:

  • Environmentally responsible solutions for all the industries we serve
  • 1 billion square feet (92,903,040 m2) of surfaces are covered annually with products that meet the most restricted VOC regulations of <100 g/L
  • Adhering to international EMS Standard ISO 14001