Oil & Gas

Sherwin-Williams has an extensive track-record protecting assets for global players such as BP, Conoco, Conoco Phillips, Exxon Mobil, Kinder Morgan, Shell, Petrobras, Pemex and many more. Our complete range includes tank linings, high temperature coatings, fire protection, qualified atmospheric protection coating systems, unique surface tolerant coating materials for maintenance and conversion, and immersion grade products, each delivering technological advances that are environmentally friendly and deliver superior performance.

While every project is unique, each coating is formulated to provide long-term product protection, thereby optimizing the service life of every asset.

Passive Fire Protection

Tested and certified to international standards, our hydrocarbon products are solvent free, have low water uptake and possess inherent corrosion protection, making us the ideal choice where protection against hydrocarbon pool fire, jet fire or blast is required.

Thermal Insulation

Offering protection against both cryogenic spillage and fire, our composite system provides you with the perfect protection solution. With exceptional durability and flexibility, the system is tested to extremes to ensure our products perform when you need them the most.

Vessel and Tank Linings

Our tank linings are fast drying, innovative, and durable. Our range of glass flake epoxy linings are designed to provide long-term protection against corrosion and chemical attack in aggressive environments. 

The Sherwin-Williams petrochemical coatings line is engineered to provide uncompromising performance in the harshest and most extreme environments.

Phenicon HS Flake Filled Epoxy is a VOC-compliant epoxy novolac phenolic with micaceous iron oxide. Designed for use as part of a system for internal tank lining.

  • Abrasion and blister resistant
  • High temperature resistant
  •   Edge protection

Corrosion Under Insulation

Heat-Flex Hi-Temp 1200 is the next generation single component inert multipolymeric matrix coating that outperforms alternatives in combating corrosion under insulation (CUI) and in high heat applications.

  • Resists corrosion under insulation
  • Resists stress corrosion cracking
  • Application surface temperatures from ambient to 260°C
  • Operating surface temperatures cryogenic to 649°C


Exploration and production are continuously pushing the boundaries and moving into ever deeper waters and harsher environments.  Drawing on experience working with customers around the world, Sherwin-Williams’ offshore products are designed to withstand the most adverse environments facing the industry making us a leader in asset protection.

Sherwin-Williams has all the products you need in the offshore sector with reduced downtime and cost savings to provide superior edge retentive properties.