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Sherwin-Williams is recognized by the US Department of Energy as an energy saving leader

January 03, 2012 Cleveland, Ohio - In an official letter to Christopher M. Connor, Executive Chairman and CEO, the US Department of Energy recognized The Sherwin-Williams Company as an energy saving Leader in the government’s Save Energy Now LEADER initiative.

The US Department of Energy (DOE) has commended the Sherwin-Williams Paint and Coatings Division for its commitment to reducing energy usage while manufacturing its products.

The Sherwin-Williams Company joined the U.S. Department of Energy’s Save Energy Now LEADER initiative along with 107 industrial firms to voluntarily commit to a 25 percent reduction in energy intensity in all of its manufacturing locations over 10 years.  The Save Energy Now program is about companies and their leaders committing to action, tracking their performance, and reporting the results.  Through this initiative leading companies in the United States are raising the bar for all manufacturing facilities.  Joel Baxter, Executive President and General Manager – Paint and Coatings Division, said “We are excited with how positively our employees responded to this program and how quickly we’ve been able to see tangible results.  Within the first two years of the program, the Paint and Coatings Division overall has been able to reduce the energy used to make our products by 13.1%.”

Dr. Leo Christodoulou of the US Department of Energy (DOE) has commended the Paint and Coatings Division for our commitment in reducing energy usage. The DOE singled out Richmond, Kentucky site as the first PCD site to join the Save Energy Now Program in 2008.  Sherwin-Williams expanded this energy savings initiative to all Paint and Coatings sites in 2009.

About Save Energy Now program

The U.S, Department of Energy created the Save Energy Now LEADER program in xxxx.  The Save Energy Now LEADER Companies are industrial companies that sign a voluntary pledge to reduce their facilities’ energy intensity by 25 percent or more in 10 years.  Companies that make this ambitious pledge develop energy intensity baselines, energy management plans, and report their progress to ITP on an annual basis.  Companies that join this program are required to develop an energy use baseline and track the change in energy intensity, designate a corporate energy manager and have an up-to-date energy management plan for internal use within one year, and to report energy data and progress each year.  For more information, visit, www1.eere.energy.gov.

About Sherwin-Williams

Sherwin-Williams has been a global leader in coatings over 145 years.  Sherwin-Williams is a single source supplier that offers solutions and coatings for any type of project from automotive, electronic, furniture, aviation, marine, protective.   Sherwin-Williams is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio and distributes products in more 109 countries around the world.  Sales in 2011 were USD8.77 billion.  Sherwin-Williams shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchanged (symbol:SHW).  For more information, visit www.sherwin-williams.com